Types of Packaging

Sealing (individual)
A large part of our daily activities consists of sealing vegetable products such as cucumbers, peppers, courgettes, aubergines or winter carrots. The products are individually sealed and can be furnished with a band or label. Sealed products are supplied in completely transparent, glossy shrink-wrap.

Sealing (individual)

Flow pack (individual items)
Various products can be flow packed both individually and in groups and given labels as necessary.

Flowpack packaging (item(s) packaging)

Net & Girsac (number and/or weight)
Products such as peppers, tomatoes, brussels sprouts and citrus fruits can be packed in nets containing the required number and/or weight and provided with a wine glass label.

net packing (number and/or weight)

Flowpack (number and/or weight)
Products such as peppers, radishes or brussels sprouts can be packed in flowpacks or pillow-bags containing the required number and/or weight. The packaging can be printed or provided with a label as required.

flowpack (number and/or weight)

Over the years G. van der Linden has always aimed to supply packaging of the highest quality. Consequently the company makes very high demands on all its packaging materials.

If you have packaging work you would like to outsource or if you would like information regarding other products and/or packaging, please do not hesitate to contact us.